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Assorted Cup-Cake Four Pack!

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Four 16oz cups filled with our scratch baked cake crumbs and frosting! 

This pack comes with one of each of the following flavors: 

Peanut Butter Cup: peanut butter cake crumbs with peanut butter buttercream, topped with a thick layer of chocolate ganache and crushed peanuts 

Brown Sugar Peach: brown sugar cake crumbs with peach buttercream, topped with scratch made peach compote & brown sugar streusel 

Snickerdoodle: cinnamon vanilla cake crumbs with cinnamon vanilla buttercream, topped with cinnamon sugar  

Cookies & Cream: chocolate cake crumbs with vanilla oreo buttercream, topped with crushed oreos 

 100% vegan! Contains wheat, soy, & peanuts.


If kept sealed & air-tight in the fridge, these babes will stay fresh for 4-5 days! They also freeze GREAT for up to one month--just pop them in the freezer and transfer into the fridge the day before you plan on digging in. For best taste, we suggest eating them once they've been sitting out at room temp for about an hour so the frosting gets a lil' soft.