Cake Menu/Order Cakes

Please read all of the following information before emailing us to place your order! Thank you so much!!


ORDERS FOR FEBRUARY ARE FULLY BOOKED!! In March we will be switching back to offering weekly assorted treats for pre-order every Friday at 6pm for pickup the following day (Saturday), instead of booking orders monthly. The menu offerings will change week to week and will include our signature cakes, babycakes, cookies, brownies, & more! Click here for more info about what March orders will look like for us!


Orders for cakes must be placed at a minimum of one full week (7 days) in advance! Slots tend to book up weeks in advance so please note that reaching out one week before your need-by date does not guarantee that we will have availability. Orders placed less than 7 days in advance will not be accepted. 

To place an order for a cake, please see the set menu below and email us at (NO instagram DMs please) with your full name, desired cake size, desired cake flavor, and the time and date (in between our set pickup hours listed below) you would like to pick up. 

If we are able to accept your order, we will email you back with an invoice that must be paid prior to pickup. Due to the high volume of emails, it may take us a couple of days to get back to you. Note that your order will not be confirmed until you hear back from us and your invoice is sent/payment is received. 


We offer pre-order pickups at our bakery, located at 2636 W Chicago Ave in West Town, on SATURDAYS in between 11am and 3pm. Pickups are limited to just Saturdays at this time due to our limited staff--thanks in advance for your understanding! At this time we do not offer delivery. 

We are a small team of three and can only do so much per week, but we appreciate the overwhelming amount of support and interest coming our way! Looking forward to post pandemic days when we can safely grow! Thank you so much!!

Scroll to the bottom of this page for info on how to store your cake!


Below is our current cake menu which changes month to month! We are not a custom cake bakery and instead find joy through baking up our own original cake designs & creations. In order to streamline the ordering process, cakes come exactly as listed and we aren't offering custom deco or writing on cakes at this time!

Cake sizes:

6" babycake: (2 layers, serves 4-6)

8" full sized cake: (3 layers, serves 14-16)

All of our cakes are 100% vegan! We do not offer anything gluten free at this time.


6" $35, 8" $60

Cookie Monster: layers of moist vanilla chip cake filled with mini chips, frosted with brown sugar "cookie dough" buttercream, covered in more mini chips, and topped with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. This is our top selling flavor! 

Funfetti: layers of moist vanilla sprinkle cake frosted with vanilla buttercream and covered in rainbow sprinkles! Our fave to bake for birthdays!

Cookies & Cream:  layers of moist chocolate cake filled with crushed Oreo cookies, frosted with Oreo buttercream, covered in Oreo crumbs, and topped with more Oreos


Chocolate Sprinkle: layers of moist chocolate cake frosted with chocolate buttercream and covered in rainbow sprinkles 

Double Chocolate: layers of moist chocolate cake frosted with chocolate buttercream and covered in mini chocolate chips 

Nutter Butter:  layers of moist peanut butter cake frosted with peanut butter buttercream, filled and covered with crushed nutter butters, and topped with cute lil' nutter butter cookies 


Seasonal Cakes, available for the month of February only:

6" $40       8" $65


Red Velvet Sprinkle: layers of moist red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, covered in festive pink, red, and white sprinkles     


Black Velvet: layers of moist chocolate cake frosted with black tinted chocolate buttercream, covered in black chocolate sprinkles, & topped with cute lil' red heart sprinkles


Chocolate Raspberry: layers of chocolate cake filled with raspberry preserves and frosted with chocolate buttercream, covered in mini chips 

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake: layers of moist chocolate cake frosted with fresh strawberry buttercream and covered in chocolate ganache drip


Pride Cakes: 

6" $50    8" $75

Rainbow Funfetti: Six layers of vanilla cake tinted the colors of the rainbow, frosted with vanilla buttercream and covered in rainbow sprinkles!

Goth Rainbow: six layers of vanilla cake frosted with pitch black tinted chocolate buttercream and topped with black chocolate ganache drip 


Note from the owner: At this time we have taken our more intricately designed and time consuming cakes off of the menu in order to streamline the ordering process since the demand is a bit too overwhelming for our small team of 3 to keep up with during this pandemic. Once it's safe for us to hire and grow, we will absolutely be bringing these cakes back (goth mermaid, etc) but at this time we are focusing on serving as many of you as possible (which is difficult to do when some of the cakes take several hours more to make/decorate than others). Thanks in advance for your understanding of our limitations!! 


Please note that postmates has created a fake profile for our business and it is NOT connected to us in any way--orders placed through their website or any other third party  (Grubhub, etc) will not be fulfilled.



How to store your cake: Uncut, our cakes will stay fresh & moist for 4-6 days, so if you schedule to pick up your cake a couple days before your need-by date, no worries! Store your cake in the fridge and let it sit on the counter for an hour or two before serving--we think the frosting tastes best when it's fluffy and a little soft! 

Once your cake is cut, cover the exposed part of the cake with plastic wrap, or slice and store slices in air-tight containers in the fridge!

Our cakes also freeze very well for up to one month--just plastic wrap the box the cake is in and place in the freezer. Take it out one day before you plan on digging in so it has time to fully thaw.

For the cleanest, prettiest slices, use a hot knife and wipe down your knife in between each cut!