How to Pre-Order Treats!

Hello loves!! Here's the scoop on our current ordering process, for anyone new to our bakery! 

As a team we've decided to switch from accepting cake orders on a monthly basis to instead baking up assorted treats (brownies, cookies, cakes, etc) on a weekly basis which will be available for pre-order directly on our website every Friday at 6pm for pickup on the following day (Saturday) in between 11am and 3pm. We tried this out in January and there was such an overwhelmingly positive response from our regular customers that we've decided to start again on the first Friday in March and will continue until further notice! 

As a team of three, it's become increasingly difficult for us to keep up with the growing demand while also staying safe during this pandemic (we are not comfortable hiring more staff until covid is a non-issue), so for now, fulfilling cake orders consumes 100% of our time, and for the past several months there has been very little time for us to bake up anything other than cake. We LOVE cake, however we are really itching to also bake up the treats we used to back when we had a bigger staff pre-pandemic. 

Need a whole cake? No worries! We will still be baking up whole cakes in assorted flavors every week for those celebrating birthdays, and they will be for purchase on our website at 6pm on Fridays for pickup on Saturdays along with all of the other treats. The treats will change week to week to keep things fun!

Our cake slices will also continue to be stocked at our wholesalers: The Handlebar, and Uptons Breakroom, and Paulie Gees Logan Square. 

Our hope is that switching to weekly orders instead of getting booked up months in advance will allow us space and time to be creative, test and develop new recipes, and bake up some other fun treats for you to try in addition to cake. We completely understand that this method is less ideal for those wanting order cakes weeks ahead for set events, but hope you will understand that we are a very small business, not a chain or corporation, and just can only do so much right now. Operating on a week by week basis is what feels best for our collective mental health and well being as a team at this time. It's not forever, and we genuinely look forward to a time when it's safe for us to grow, take on more orders, and open back up fully!

Starting Friday the 5th, you can click the "Saturday Treat Pre-Orders" tab in the main menu to see that week's selection. Click here to go to that page!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Thank you so much for your understanding of our limitations!! We love you!!!

-Heather, Christopher, and Brenda