***Our bakery is currently closed to the public, aside from pre-order pickups. You can find all the info on how to pre-order cakes and treats by clicking the 'cake menu/order cakes" tab and the "saturday treat pre-orders" tab in the main menu. Please note that we always require a minimum of 7 full days notice for whole cake orders, though some days may book up before the 7 day mark due to the current demand!***

Cake Menu/Order Cakes!

Please read all of the following information before emailing us to place your order. Thank you so much!


We are currently booking cake orders through the month of August, and will begin accepting orders for September starting on August 20th.

***Due to the current demand, a minimum of seven days notice is required for all orders! Note that some dates (especially holiday weekends) may fully book up before the 7 day mark, so the sooner you reach out, the better!*** 





We offer pre-order pickups at our bakery, located at 2636 W Chicago Ave in West Town.

Pickup hours:


Sunday/Monday: CLOSED

Tues-Friday: 12pm-3pm 

Saturday: 11am-3pm


Cakes must be picked up at our bakery--we do not offer delivery at this time.

 ***SUMMER ADVISORY! Our cakes are delicate and WILL MELT if left out of the fridge in hot weather.  Please take care to keep your cake chilled during transit (we suggest cranking your cars A/C or packing ice packs) and refrigerate once you're home. Especially on extra hot days, do not leave your cake in your car or outside for more than 5-10 minutes without air-conditioning. We are not responsible for damage to your cake once it leaves our bakery****


To place an order for a cake, please see our menu below and email us at piepiemydarling@gmail.com (NO instagram/Facebook DMs please) with your full name, phone number, desired cake size & flavor, and the time and date (in between our set pickup days/hours) you would like to pick up


It may take us a couple of days to get back to you due to the high volume of emails and we thank you so much in advance for your patience! Note that we respond to emails Monday-Friday and do not check our inbox on weekends (unless pertaining to a cake being picked up that day).



Cancellations must be made a minimum of 48 hours (two full days) before your set pickup date. There are no refunds for last minute cancellations, forgotten pickups, and no-shows since your cake has a limited shelf life and we are baking it fresh from scratch and holding it until closing time just for you! 

We are not able to stay open past our set hours to accommodate late pickups. Please plan accordingly and take care to show up on time to pick up, and if anything comes up on pickup day, email us asap (no social media DM's please) so we can arrange an alternate pickup date. 




Below is our current cake menu which changes seasonally!

We are not a custom cake bakery and instead find joy through baking up our own original cake designs & creations. In order to streamline the ordering process so we can serve as many of you as possible, cakes come exactly as listed and we do not offer custom decorations or writing on cakes at this time. 


Cake sizes:

6" babycake: (2 layers, serves 4-6)

8" full sized cake: (3 layers, serves 12-16)


All of our cakes are 100% vegan, meaning they are dairy, egg, and animal product-free! Our cakes DO contain wheat, soy, & gluten. Some of our cakes contain peanuts & tree nuts so please note that our bakery is NOT a nut-free facility and our cakes are not safe for those with severe nut allergies. Feel free to email us with questions if there are certain allergens you're trying to avoid.  

If kept refrigerated, most of our cakes will stay fresh and moist for 4-5 days and also freeze great. Scroll to the very bottom of this page for storage instructions and feel free to email us if you have any questions!  



6" $42   8" $68

Cookie Monster: layers of moist vanilla chip cake filled with mini chocolate chips, frosted with brown sugar "cookie dough" buttercream, covered in more mini chips, and topped with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. This has been our top selling flavor for six years and counting! 


Funfetti: layers of moist vanilla sprinkle cake frosted with vanilla buttercream and covered in allllll the rainbow sprinkles! Our fave to bake for birthdays!


Cookies & Cream:  layers of moist chocolate cake filled with crushed oreo cookies & frosted with vanilla oreo buttercream, covered in fine oreo crumbs, and topped with whole oreos. 


Chocolate Sprinkle: layers of moist chocolate cake frosted with chocolate buttercream and covered in colorful rainbow sprinkles!

Double Chocolate: layers of moist chocolate cake frosted with chocolate buttercream and covered in mini chocolate chips.

Nutter Butter:  layers of moist peanut butter cake frosted with peanut butter buttercream, filled and covered with nutter butter crumbs, and topped with cute lil' nutter butter cookies! 

Red Velvet: layers of moist red velvet cake iced with cream cheese frosting & topped with a cute lil' red heart sprinkle





Priced individually!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry: layers of moist chocolate cake frosted with fresh strawberry buttercream and covered in chocolate ganache drip & mini chocolate chips 

6" $50    8" $75


Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel: layers of moist chocolate cake filled with crushed pretzels, frosted with peanut butter buttercream, and topped with chocolate ganache drip and more pretzels!

6" $50    8" $75  


Pastel Rainbow: five layers of pastel rainbow tinted vanilla cake frosted with vanilla buttercream and covered in pastel rainbow colored sprinkles! 

6" $60    8" $85


Banana Split: layers of moist banana cake filled with chocolate and strawberry buttercream, frosted with vanilla buttercream, covered with chocolate ganache drip, and topped with rainbow sprinkles, crushed peanuts, and maraschino cherries.

***The 6"& 8" size of this flavor both come with three cake layers!***

6" $60   8" $85 


Biscoff Cookie Butter: layers of moist cookie butter cake filled with crushed biscoff cookies, frosted with cookie butter buttercream, and topped with cookie butter drip and biscoff cookies.

6" $50    8" $75  

All Black Everything: layers of black tinted chocolate cake frosted with pitch black chocolate frosting and topped with shiny black chocolate ganache. 

6" $50    8" $75




Priced Individually!

S'mores: layers of chocolate cake filled with marshmallow buttercream and graham crumbs, frosted with chocolate buttercream, and topped with toasted Dandies vegan marshmallows. Available through September!

6" $50    8" $75



Lemon: layers of moist lemon cake frosted with talemon buttercream and topped with a cute lil' lemon slice. Available through September!

6" $42   8" $68


Key Lime: layers of key lime cake frosted with key lime butercream, filled with graham crumbs, and topped with a cute lil' lime slice. 

Available through September!

6" $42   8" $68








 Available all year round!

$5 from every cake under this section of the menu will be donated to a different queer + trans led organization every month. Our organization of choice for the month of August is Affinity Chicago!



Priced individually!


Rainbow Sprinkle: Six layers of vanilla cake tinted the colors of the rainbow, frosted with vanilla buttercream and covered in rainbow sprinkles!

6" $60    8" $85

Chocolate Rainbow Sprinkle: Six layers of vanilla cake tinted the colors of the rainbow, frosted with chocolate buttercream and covered in rainbow sprinkles!

6" $60   8" $85


Goth Rainbow Sprinkle: Our signature 6 layer rainbow cake frosted with pitch black chocolate frosting and covered in allllll the rainbow sprinkles! 

6” $60   8” $85


Goth Rainbow: When you're gothy on the outside and a bright lil' ray of queer sunshine on the inside!! Six layers of rainbow tinted vanilla cake frosted with pitch black chocolate buttercream and topped with shiny black chocolate ganache drip. This babe will make your tongue & mouth a lil' black while you're eating it, but if you can't handle that, are you even goth bro?

6" $65     8" $90

Pride Flag Funfetti Cakes: vanilla sprinkle cake layers frosted with vanilla buttercream and covered in your choice of pride flag colored sprinkles!

Trans Is Beautiful: white, blue, and pink

Bi-Pride: blue, pink, and purple

Pan-Pride: pink, yellow, and blue

Not pictured, but also on the menu:

Ace-Pride: white, purple, gray, & black 

Non-binary Pride: white, yellow, purple, black 

Lesbian Pride: peach, purple, pink, orange, white

(Photos coming soon!)

6" $42   8" $68




How to store your cake: 

Uncut and refrigerated, our cakes will stay fresh & moist for 4-5 days, so if you need to schedule your pick up a few days before your need-by date, no worries! Store your cake in the fridge and let it sit on the counter at room temp for about 15 minutes or so before serving (unless it's super hot out)--we think the frosting tastes best when it's a little soft.

DO NOT leave your cake out on the counter overnight, leave it outside for more than 5-10 minutes or in your car during warm or hot/humid weather--it will melt!

When transporting your cake, make sure it's on an even, level surface such as someone's lap or the floor of the front passengers seat or the trunk. If you leave the cake on a tilted surface, you'll end up with a tilted cake!

Once your cake is cut, cover the exposed part of the cake with plastic wrap, or slice and store slices in air-tight containers in the fridge.

Our cakes also freeze very well for up to one month--just plastic wrap the box the cake is in and place in the freezer. Transfer it back into the fridge one full day before you plan on digging in so it has time to fully thaw. You can also slice the cake up and store individual slices in air-tight containers in the freezer! Do not thaw your cake straight from the freezer at room temp--it will cause condensation on the top/sides of the cake. 

Note that our vegan sprinkles may get a bit melty if they sit in the fridge for more than 2-3 days or after being frozen & thawed in the summer months so we don't suggest freezing sprinkle cakes or picking them up several days in advance if appearance is important to you! The pretzels on the chocolate peanut butter pretzel cake may get soggy when frozen as well. Aside from that, the majority of our cakes freeze extremely well and you can feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about that!

For the cleanest, prettiest cake slices, slice your cake right out of the fridge when it's cold using a hot knife and wipe down your knife in between each cut!