Pie, Pie My Darling!

100% Vegan cakes, pies, cookies, and more baked fresh from scratch in Chicago ✨ 


The good news is that our cake slices are still available for takout/delivery at The Handlebar and Upton's Breakroom! See their websites and/or our instagram for the current flavor, which changes week to week.

We are not accepting any special orders at this time due to our limited staff and the unpredictable nature of this pandemic. We are really hoping to have more of our staff back soon, but want to prioritize safety above all.

Each week for the month of June we'll be donating 10% of our sales to a local black-led organization fighting for justice and equality. This week's donations will be going to @BRAVESPACEALLIANCE, which works to create safe spaces for black LGBTQ youth. BLACK LIVES MATTER. 

About PPMD

Pie, Pie My Darling is a one woman owned 100% vegan bakery serving the Chicagoland area since 2014 ✨

My bakery storefront is located at 2636 W Chicago Ave in West Town! For the time being our shop is closed to the public, but you can still grab our cake slices for pickup & delivery from Uptons Breakroom and The Handlebar in Chicago. You can follow @piepiemydarling on social media for updates✨ 

I started PPMD with no business plan, no agenda, no training, and no expectations and have been continually floored by the support & demand from vegans AND non-vegans in Chicago. It's truly amazing and humbling and inspiring. I love all of you SO MUCH and I thank you for making my most enjoyable hobby into a career 💖

Read more about my story here.

Frequently asked questions:

Where are you located? Our bakery is located at 2636 W Chicago in West Town, but please note that it is currently closed to the public.

Where can I find your treats? You can find our cake flavor of the month by the slice (while supplies last) for delivery and pickup at Uptons Breakroom in West Town & The Handlebar in Wicker Park. If you're heading to either of these spots from far away, I would highly suggest calling ahead to check the stock, as our cakes do sell out sometimes! Both restaurants only offer our cakes by the slice and not whole.


Are all of your cakes vegan? And do you offer anything gluten free?
Everything is 100% vegan--dairy, egg, and animal-product free! We don't offer anything gluten free at this time due to cross-contact. Maybe sometime in the future!! ✨


Are your treats nut free? 

Many of our baked goods are baked without nuts, but please note that none of them are baked in a 100% nut free kitchen. We do use nut products often, so if your allergy is severe, we'd rather keep you safe and not feed you our cakes! If you have any allergies, you are responsible for disclosing that before purchasing items.

Do you ship/deliver?
Nope, we can barely keep up with the demand in our own city and shipping is too big of an endeavor to take on at this time! Pickup only for the time being.

I need a cake for today/tomorrow/this weekend, can you have one ready?
At this time we're not able to accept cake orders due to being severely understaffed! Just two of us are working and the rest of my staff is staying home to help prevent the spread of the current pandemic✨ I will make sure to update this page if things change, and you can keep posted on social media for updates too.

Do you accept special orders for whole cakes/cupcakes? Special orders are closed for the time being due to the current pandemic! You can still grab our cakes by the slice for delivery or pickup at Uptons and The Handlebar, but our shop is closed to the public. Please note that we do not accept orders via email, txt, facebook messenger, or Instagram DM's. 

How long will your cake slices stay fresh if kept refrigerated? Our cakes will stay fresh and moist for 3-4 days in the fridge, or even a month in the freezer as long as you transfer them to an air-tight container! If you leave them uncovered, they will dry out faster. 

Do you do wedding cakes? Wedding orders are closed for the time being. We are taking everything day by day and don't feel comfortable making any long term commitments with everything going on in the world currently ✨


If you have any additional questions or would like to speak to the owner, please email piepiemydarling@gmail.com ✨

Important Updates!



As of March 16th, our shop will remain closed to the public until further notice for both your safety and the safety of myself and my staff. The st...
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