Pie, Pie My Darling!

100% Vegan Cakes, Pies, Cookies, and more baked fresh from scratch in Chicago ✨ 

About PPMD

Pie, Pie My Darling is a one woman owned 100% vegan bakery serving the Chicagoland area since 2014 ✨

I don't have a storefront that's open to the public (yet!), but you can special order whole cakes & catch me at monthly popup events around the city. I also sell CAKE JARS every Saturday from 11am till sell out at my kitchen! See the FAQ's below for more info on that✨

My cakes are available by the slice daily at The Handlebar in Wicker Park and Paulie Gees in Logan Square ✨ The flavor of the month for September is NUTTER BUTTER!  

The difference between PPMD and any other standard bakery you'd see around town is that I'm running this alone ✨ I started PPMD with no business plan, no agenda, no training, and no expectations and have been continually floored by the support & demand from vegans AND non-vegans in chicago. It is truly amazing and humbling and inspiring. I love all of you SO MUCH and I thank you for making my most enjoyable hobby into a career 💖

Frequently asked questions:

Where are you located? I don't currently have a storefront that's open to the public (it's coming this fall!), but I bake out of a private commercial kitchen in West Town and do wholesale, special orders, and popups in Chicago!

Where can I find your cakes? You can find my cakes by the slice daily at Paulie Gees in Logan Square & The Handlebar in Wicker Park. If you're heading to either of these spots from far away, I would highly suggest calling ahead to check the stock, as my cakes DO sell out! Please note that due to the high demand, Paulie Gee's has a limit of two slices of cake per person, and The Handlebar is dine in only with a limit of one slice per person. Both restaurants require you to purchase the cake slice along with another item on their regular menu. They both have tons of vegan options so stick around for lunch/dinner!

I also sell my signature CAKE JARS (cute lil' mason jars filled with extra cake crumbs and frosting) every Saturday from 11am till sellout at my kitchen, 2636 W Chicago, and they are first come first serve! They tend to sell out within the first 30 minutes so I would highly recommend coming right at 11am or even 15 min early to line up for first pickings. Watch my story on instagram every Friday for info on flavors which are different every week. 

I also do monthly popups around Chicago—see the “popups” tab for upcoming dates ✨

Are all of your cakes vegan? And do you offer anything gluten free?
Everything is 100% vegan--dairy, egg, and animal-product free! I don't offer anything gluten free at this time due to cross-contact. Maybe sometime in the future!! ✨

Are your treats nut free? 

Many of my baked goods are baked without nuts, but please note that none of them are baked in a 100% nut free kitchen. I do use nut products often, so if your allergy is severe, I'd rather keep you safe and not feed you my cakes! If you have any allergies, you are responsible for disclosing that to me before placing your order.

Do you ship/deliver?
Nope, I can barely keep up with the demand in my own city and shipping is too big of an endeavor for me to take on at this time! Pickup only for the time being. That said, some of my customers have had success using a company called "Task Rabbit" to pick up & deliver my items to them locally.

I need a cake for today/tomorrow/this weekend, can you have one ready?
Unfortunately not, sorry! I book up one month ahead due to the high demand and have a very tight schedule, so I'm not able to accept last minute cake orders ✨ 

How do I order a cake? Please note that orders are CLOSED for the time being so I can focus on getting my upcoming storefront ready to open this fall! Click the “order cakes” tab in the main menu to see a list of cake flavors that i’m currently offering  + all the info on ordering and picking up your cake! Click on the cake flavor of your choice and choose your cake size and pickup date, then confirm with payment. Your order will automatically be added to my calendar, and you’ll be all set! Please note that I do not accept orders via email, txt, facebook messenger, or Instagram DM's. Please help me stay organized and place your orders only using the ordering system on my website! 

Do you do custom cakes, aside from the set flavors on the pre-order menu? Due to the high demand, I’ve decided to only take orders off of a set menu for the time being in order to streamline the ordering process! I do plan on re-opening custom orders down the line. 

Once I order a cake, where do I pick it up? Pickup is at my kitchen in West Town, 2636 W Chicago. 

How long will your cakes stay fresh if kept refrigerated & uncut? My cakes will stay fresh and moist for up to 7 days in the fridge, or even a month in the freezer!

I emailed/messaged you a week ago and haven't heard back, did you get it?
Due to the volume of emails and messages coming in on a daily basis, it may take me some time to get back to you. I spend several hours per week in the kitchen and try my best to knock out as many emails as I can throughout the week, so please know that I'm not ignoring you & trying to keep up!

When is your next popup/event? Click the "popups" tab in the main menu to see a full list of my upcoming events!

Do you do wedding cakes? Wedding orders are closed for the time being so I can focus on opening my storefront ✨

If you have any additional questions or would like to speak to the owner, please email piepiemydarling@gmail.com ✨

Important Updates!

Pie, Pie My Darling signs lease on first retail storefront!

Pie, Pie My Darling signs lease on first retail storefront!

THE CAT IS OUTTA THE BAG!!! My hands are literally shaking as I write this because I truly can’t even believe it’s real. After nearly five years of stocking restaurants with cake slices, accepting hundreds of special orders, and popping up at several different locations around the city of Chicago, I have finally secured a retail space and signed a five year lease for my vegan bakery!
Vegandale Festival!

Vegandale Festival!

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April orders now open!

April orders now open!

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