***Our bakery is currently closed to the public Sunday-Friday (aside from pre-order pickups) and only open for walk-ins on Saturdays! You can find all the info on how to pre-order whole cakes and treats by clicking the "order cakes" tab and the "saturday treat pre-orders" tab in the main menu. Please note that we always require a minimum of 5 full days notice for whole cake orders***

Pie, Pie My Darling!

Sweet treats for the misfit soul✨

100% vegan sweets baked fresh from scratch in Chicago, IL ✨

Now booking cake orders through the month of October!

Click here to see our full cake menu & place your order!

✨NUTTER BUTTER✨ is our September cake flavor of the month! ✨

Click here for more info on Saturday Treat Pre-Orders!

Due to the constant ups and downs over the past couple of years combined with the our high demand and limited staff, we have chosen to keep our shop closed to the public so we can focus all of our time on fulfilling special order cakes! 

At this time we do not offer anything on a first come first serve basis so please make sure to place an order before stopping by. We are in the process of hiring more help and hope to be able to stock our shop with first come first serve treats soon, but in the meantime we are receiving so many orders for wholesale and special order cakes per week that frankly, our team can't keep up! It's a wonderful problem to have and we are SO incredibly thankful for each and every one of you! Stay tuned for updates and see the "cake menu/order cakes" tab and the "Saturday Treat Pre-Orders" tab for all the info on how to order treats/cakes for pickup at our shop! 

Follow us on instagram @piepiemydarling for weekly updates!  If you have any questions, please see the FAQ's tab in the main menu or email us at piepiemydarling@gmail.com—we do not accept inquiries via social media/Instagram/facebook DMS 🖤


What are your hours/where are you located?

Our bakery is located at 2636 W Chicago in West Town, but please note that it is currently closed to the public aside from pre-order pickups. Our order pickup hours are from 12pm to 3pm Wednesday through Friday and 11am to 3pm on Saturdays. 

Where can I find your treats? 

Whole cakes, cup-cakes, and cake slices can be pre-ordered for pickup at our shop under the "order cakes" section and the "Saturday treat pre-orders" section in the main menu on the front page of our website!

You can also find our cake flavor of the month by the slice (while supplies last) for delivery and pickup at Liberation Kitchen in West Town, Paulie Gees in Logan Square, The Handlebar in Wicker Park, Casa Yari in Logan Square, both locations of Penelope's Vegan Taqueria--one in River North and one in Andersonville, plus Madame Zuzus in Highland Park (weekends only!). The flavor changes monthly, and you can see their menus/our instagram for the current flavor. If you're heading to either of these spots from far away, we would highly suggest calling ahead to check the stock, as our cakes do sell out sometimes! Kale My Name in Albany Park stocks our signature Chocolate Rainbow Sprinkle slices, while supplies last. All restaurants only offer our cakes by the slice and not whole.

Can I stop by the bakery and grab first come first serve treats?

At this time due to the incredibly high demand for our special order whole cakes, we have switched to offering treats for pre-order pickup only! We hope to open back up to the public for walk-ins once we have enough staff trained to produce the volume of baked goods needed to fill the case with first come first serve treats in addition to filling all the special orders we get every week!

That being said, we’ve recently been dipping our toes into having a limited amount of extra treats again and you can swing by the bakery on Saturdays in between 11am and 3pm for first come first serve cake slices, cup-cakes, cookies, and more ✨

Are all of your cakes vegan? And do you offer anything gluten free?

 Everything is 100% vegan--dairy, egg, and animal-product free! We don't offer anything gluten free at this time as it's not something we've mastered! Maybe someday in the future!! ✨

Are your treats nut free? 

Many of our baked goods are baked without nuts, but please note that none of them are baked in a 100% nut free kitchen. We do use nut products often, so if your allergy is severe, we'd rather keep you safe and not feed you our cakes! Feel free to email us any questions in regards to nuts in specific items on our menu. If you have any allergies, you are responsible for disclosing that to us before placing your order.

Do you ship/deliver?
Nope, we can barely keep up with the demand in our own city and shipping is too big of an endeavor to take on at this time! Pickup only for the time being.

Do you accept special orders for whole cakes or cupcakes?

YES! Click the "order cakes" tab in the main menu for all the info on orders. Click on the cake flavor you’re interested in and there will be a drop down menu which allows you to choose 6”, 8”, or cupcakes by the dozen.

Note that we always require a minimum of 5 full days advance notice for whole cakes and we do not offer custom decorations at this time--cakes must be ordered off of our set menu. We do not accept inquiries via txt, facebook messenger, or Instagram DM's--email only please!

Do you make custom cakes?

We are not a custom cake bakery and instead find joy through baking up our own original designs and flavors in order to streamline the ordering process! All of our current offerings can be found under the "order cakes" tab in the main menu!

I need a cake for today/tomorrow can you have one ready?

Due to the extremely high demand and our limited staff, cake orders always require a minimum of 5 full days notice✨ We sometimes book up weeks in advance so the sooner you get your order in, the better!

How long will your cakes stay fresh if kept refrigerated?

Our uncut cakes will stay fresh and moist for 4-5 days in the fridge, or even a month in the freezer. Once the cake is cut into slices, transfer them to an air-tight container and refrigerate or freeze. If you leave them uncovered, they may dry out. 

Do you make wedding cakes?

At this time we do not offer any custom decorations or tiered cakes, but if you would like to order multiple full sized cakes off of our set menu or cupcakes by the dozen, see the "order cakes" page for more info on how to order! Our team is very small and we don't feel comfortable making long term commitments with everything going on in the world currently, but if you're comfortable booking 1 month out instead of a year in advance, we got you! ✨ please note that we do not deliver, so wedding orders will need to be picked up at our bakery!

Why "pie pie" my darling when you only make cakes??

Believe it or not, when I first created pie pie my darling 9 years ago we only baked pies! I used to pop up around Chicago selling fresh baked pies in various different flavors, until one day a customer of mine convinced me to bake them a cake, and I fell head over heels with cake baking/decorating. Pies will always have a place in my heart and we still bake them from time to time, but the demand for our cakes is so high that cake has become our main focus!


If you have any additional questions or would like to speak to the owner, please email piepiemydarling@gmail.com ✨

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We've just won best desserts in Chicago y'all!!

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Watch us make our signature Cookie Monster Cake on Chicago's Best!