Where are you located? I don't have a storefront (YET) but do wholesale, special orders, and popups in Chicago!

Where can I find your cakes? You can find my cakes by the slice daily at Paulie Gees in Logan Square & The Handlebar in Wicker Park. They both have tons of vegan options so stick around for lunch/dinner! I also do monthly popups around Chicago—see the “popups” tab for upcoming dates ✨

Are all your cakes vegan? Do you offer anything gluten free?
Everything is 100% vegan! I don't offer anything gluten free at this time & would rather leave it to the pros. Maybe sometime in the future! For now, go check out my friend @mindfulbaking. She offers 100% vegan & gluten free cakes ✨

Do you ship/deliver?
Nope, I can barely keep up with the demand in my own city! Pickup only for the time being. I do offer delivery for weddings.

I need a cake for tomorrow, can you have one ready?
Nope, sorry! I book up far in advance and make everything fresh to order, so I always require at least a couple weeks notice. The Chicago Diner and West Town Bakery both offer vegan cakes to go with minimal notice if you're in a pinch ✨

How do I order a cake?
Orders can be placed by submitting the form in the main menu under “order form”. Please see the "cakes" section for the full menu & pricing. Due to the high volume of orders coming in daily, please allow at least 3-4 weeks to a months advance notice for all orders! At this time I only book on a month to month basis, so orders for August must be placed in July, September orders placed in August, and so on. I do not accept orders via email, txt, facebook messenger, or Instagram DM's. Please respect my ordering system and fill out the form on my websiteAt this time I am closing my books temporarily so I can catch up on the high volume of inquiries ✨

I emailed/messaged you a week ago and haven't heard back, did you get it?
Due to the volume of emails coming in on a daily basis, it may take me some time to get back to you. I spend 90+ hours per week in the kitchen and try my best to knock out as many emails as I can throughout the week, so please know that I'm not ignoring you & trying to keep up! 

Do you do wedding cakes? Yes! Please click the “wedding inquiry form” tab in the main menu to submit a form! Please note that I am one person and it may take me some time to get back to you! 

The difference between PPMD and any other standard bakery you'd see around town is that I'm running this alone ✨ I started PPMD with no business plan, no agenda, no expectations and no training and have been continually floored by the support & demand from vegans AND non-vegans in chicago. It is truly amazing and humbling and inspiring. I love all of you SO MUCH and I thank you for making my most enjoyable hobby into a career 💖